Christoph Hagel – Echo Award Winner from Berlin

Christoph Hagel is a Berlin conductor, pianist and opera director. Born in Baden-Württemberg he studied under renowned personalities like Leonard Bernstein and Sergiu Celibidacche. He drew attention to himself with a special feeling for exceptional venues. Above all, he presented the ten most important operas of Mozart in well-received new productions, always in his dual function as a conductor and director. Christoph Hagel directed the opera "Don Giovanni" with Katharina Thalbach in the Berlin Technoclub E-Werk in 1997, and one year later the "Magic Flute" in the Berlin underground station Bundestag, which aroused worldwide media interest.

His extraordinary productions are now an integral part of Berlin's cultural life. He regularly shows them on Museum Island, in Berlin Cathedral and in Charlottenburg Palace. In addition, Hagel created new musicals with children and youth and worked with authors such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger on new libretti. He conducted the classical symphonic repertoire with the large South American orchestras. As artistic director of the crossover project "Flying Bach" he received the Echo Classic Special Prize in 2010. With this successful adaptation of a classic artist with breakdance, he has been filling halls all over the world ever since.

In 2013, together with the DDC, he premiered “Breakin’ Mozart” at the Mozart Festival in Würzburg, a production that is now celebrated all over Europe. Other well-noticed productions by Christoph Hagel combining high and youth culture are “Beethoven! The Next Level” (2016), “Dancin’ Carmina” (2017) and “Zauberflöte reloaded” (2018).