Breakin‘ Mozart – Classic meets Breakdance

The Mozart Festival in Würzburg brought them together: Berlin opera director and conductor Christoph Hagel and the Bavarian breakdance group DDC. Together they were commissioned to create a breakdance show to Mozart’s music. Even after the first rehearsal, everyone was aware that the concept could actually work – and it did work, as we know today! Echo Award winner Christoph Hagel and two-time breakdance world champions DDC have staged a production featuring a combination of Mozart and breakdancing for the first time ever...

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The young dancers stand up to the challenge of combining the music of the Austrian wunderkind with their art in a completely unique way. Mozart can be heard live on the piano with Christoph Hagel interpreting, in orchestral versions and in modern hip-hop arrangements. Nothing is left out: booming techno beats, funky Mozart and rockin’ Amadeus are all included. And the famous coloratura aria of the Queen of the Night from “The Magic Flute” is heard live, sung by American soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch, to the fireworks of breakdancing moves. After the huge success of the premiere at the Mozart Festival in Würzburg in 2013, “Breakin’ Mozart” was performed another 200 times at Berlin’s Wintergarten in 2014 and 2015.

Since 2015 “Breakin’ Mozart” is touring through Europe with engagements in  France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The show was included in the programs of renowned theatres like the Philharmonie Berlin, the Philharmonie Gasteig in Munich, Stuttgart’s Liederhalle or the Kulturpalast Dresden.

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Breakin' Mozart in Bad Kissingen

Breakin' Mozart kehrt zurück in die Heimatregion der DDC und spielt nach den Weihnachtsfeiertagen am 27.12. in Bad Kissingen

Absage für Stuttgart

Der Termin am 11.12 für Breakin' Mozart in Stuttgart wurde nun leider abgesagt. Es gibt allerdings noch weitere Termine im nächsten Jahr die wie…


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